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© io 2002

eternally forever
shooting stars zoomed across the land
carried me to the edge
flashing lights shot across the sky
lightened up the night
move in time back and forward
where's the head and tail
slowly now, don't move too fast
all will be unveiled

follow me into the sun and the universe
follow me into the whirl

high in the sky never came back to earth
never pinned to the ground down below
hidden between fake and real
never have to be there
never have to face death

soaking up this enticement
floating high on the air
heading for all eternity
sober forever more

follow me into the sun and the universe
follow me into the whirl
for a moment of standstill
a moment of tranquil
just follow me into the whirl

swirling circling in this world
slowly sink into the whirl
hurling to infinity
eternally forever

we don't have to look so far
you see there's a place in our hearts
the colours will sparkle
the laughs will last forever
you know we won't be sad
you know it will never end
the singing , the cheering, the moving in motion with time

wave goodbye
i can hear they're calling
i can see there's the sign
don't be scared
it will be alright

we pray to the rising sun
we pray for the time to come
for all those silence it's time to end forever
then we shall live as one
we sing, we cheer, we move in motion

wave to the fire in the sky
fading in the western sky
wave to the flowing water
riding high, don't go under
wave in silence


swing all the way
descend in style
descend with a smile
for a while i will pause
my heart sings out loud
my head won't come down

it feels so strange
this new sensation
take me home take me away
my head spins around
my heart won't slow down

we sing in the night
we sing so high
we see so far
we sing oh so high

swing all the way into the night
swing all the way into the dusk
swing all the way into the sunset
swing all the way into the sunset
swing all the way

i stay awake at night
to hear the sound of dawn
wait for morning to break
wait for the sunrise at horizon

to breath and smell the air
to walk and run through greens
feel the air vibrates
hear the sound of silent

i surrender

to hear your voice at this hour
to feel your touch so warm
and all my fear subside
and my conscious arises

i am waking up
i am waking up