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io were created as an acoustic duo featuring writers Chang and Ben Tyzack.
With their guitars, harmonica and percussion, they conjured up some angry,
passionate and beautiful moments at various folk clubs and rock venues,
including the very first Earth Spirit Festival in England.

As time went by, io evolved and were subsequently joined by
Paul Davies on drums and Jason Rogers on bass.
Now a four piece band, they continued to play in London throughout 1995
and the following year were offered an album deal on the strength of their music
and live performances which have been referred to as
"unique, sensual, hypnotic and thoroughly captivating".

With Chang's background in ethnic and classical music, Ben's in blues and rock,
Paul's in jazz and rock, and Jason's in jazz and dub, the music they produced
on their debut album "feed us to the fish" is sonically exhilarating and groovy.
Check it out on the MP3 samples (1.92MB).