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1 growing
2 eternally forever
3 sleep to disguise
4 fire
5 wave
6 happening
7 swing all the way
8 dawn
9 hand in hand

All songs are written, arranged and produced by io.
Engineered and mixed by Chang at Ukua Studios in London.
Track 1, 2 and 5 are recorded by Vic Keary at Chiswick Reach Studios in London.
A combination of ethnic acoustic instruments (e.g. Moroccan drum, Indian flute),
electric instruments (e.g. guitars, keyboards) and MIDI technologies were used to create
a blend of worldly exotic sounds with contemporary feel.

The violin virtuoso, Vylinda made an appearance on
"Dawn" with her electric violin, and Daren played some really wild didgeridoo
(He made it himself) on "Eternally Forever".